The danger of AI is weirder than you think | Janelle Shane

The danger of artificial intelligence isn’t that it’s going to rebel against us, but that it’s going to do exactly what we ask it to do, says AI researcher Janelle Shane.

While moonlighting as a research scientist, Janelle Shane found fame documenting the often hilarious antics of AI algorithms.

Sharing the weird, sometimes alarming antics of AI algorithms as they try to solve human problems — like creating new ice cream flavors or recognizing cars on the road — Shane shows why AI doesn’t yet measure up to real brains.

Janelle Shane is a research scientist in optics–but in her off time, she’s the founder of, a blog where she posts her experiments with machine learning–and the uncanny, hilarious, and often brilliant results. She has collaborated with The New York Times and CNN Business, and her first book, You Look Like A Thing And I Love You: How AI Works And Why It’s Making The World A Weirder Place, will be published on November 5, 2019.

Source:  TED

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