Robotics and Autonomous Systems Graduate Certificate | Standford University

Stanford Professors Marco Pavone, Jeannette Bohg, and Dorsa Sadigh discuss their new robotics courses, the opportunities and challenges of current research, and the future of robotics and autonomous systems.

Discussed Subjects: 

Challenges for Roboticists
Opportunities in Robotics
Description of Course
Generalizability and Sensor Integration
The Future of Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction
Using Robotic Systems in the Course

What happens when we take robots out of the lab and into the real world? How do we create autonomous systems to interact seamlessly with humans and safely navigate an ever-changing, uncertain world? In the Robotics and Autonomous Systems graduate certificate, you will learn the methods and algorithms used to design robots and autonomous systems that interact safely and effectively in dynamic environments.

The certificate is relevant to numerous emerging fields, including self-driving cars and drones, robotic planetary exploration, aerial surveillance systems, and even the design and coordination of urban transportation networks and air traffic control systems.

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