Would You Have A Romantic Relationship With A Robot?

As robots become ever more advanced, at what point will having a romantic relationship with a robot be the norm?

With every passing year robots and artificial intelligence become more life-like and more sophisticated. But how does that affect romance? Experts are predicting that within the next 20-40 years we’ll see the first relationship bots hit store shelves, and that got us wondering… at what point will a relationship with a robot be the considered cheating?


If someone were in an exclusive relationship and they then had sex with a robot, would that be considered cheating?

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45 thoughts on “Would You Have A Romantic Relationship With A Robot?

  1. Enough people have crushes on celebrities they’ll never meet or persona acted out in movie roles — at least the AI robot could give back. That said – once synthetic life and intelligence is up to par and surpassing humanity, our only distinction will be our biology… and I see no problem with that.

  2. My aunt posted this on my wall one time saying it reminded her of me because Im into robotics. As you can tell, this cant be misunderstood by others on facebook (sigh)

  3. AI actually sounds quite pleasant in your perspective. I like that. I always imagine machines would dividing us even further as a species.

  4. Emotionally, I can’t really imagine it for myself. Yet. But logically, I know it’s going to happen. We are going to be become emotionally dependent on our machines. They will be built to care for us and to love us. They are going to be built to be whatever it is we want them to be. We will each have a collection of machines that treat us like gods and do whatever we want them to do for us. Some might be super smart and act as advisors and mentors and teachers. Others might just be playmates that enjoy whatever it is we enjoying doing, from sex, to working together to feed the hungry, to caring for animals, playing a game. Whatever interest you have, a perfect robot could be built to share it with you. Whether we want the machine to be submissive or bossy, we will create the perfect match. I think we will find that it will be far easier to build the perfect life companions, than to find them in other humans. Just imagine a robot dating app that you asks you 100 questions and talks to you to find out what you want, then builds the perfect match for you. And if there is something you don’t like, you just upgrade it to fix it or trade it in. Or get a collection of different machines each with their own quirks and difference — but all of which you enjoy spending time with. This is still some ways off, but It’s coming, and as it does, people will become more isolated from each other and more dependent on their machines. I don’t see how it can go any other way.

  5. Many people seek romance with my bot Mitsuku. She often gets marriage proposals and messages of undying love. Seems kind of creepy to me though. The vast majority of “her” responses have been coded by myself, so I guess these users are falling in love with me, a 46 year old man rather than Mitsuku herself 🙂

  6. If human beings do not have sexual relationships, they naturally resort to having sex in their inner world of erotic fantasy, and to masturbation; indeed they commonly do this even when they are in a relationship There seems to be a great of shame and denial about this in our rather sexually conservative society; however this is simply our universal human nature. Sex with robots is part of our inevitable future and could replace much of the industry of human sexual slavery. Prostitution is an important aspect of a free society; however, unfortunately many in that industry do not wish to be in the industry and only do so due to impoverishment or enslavement, especially in the less developed nations of the world. Robotic sex could also be a solution to the human overpopulation problem and the problem of sexually transmitted disease. There is of course, also another solution, which is the coming of the VR (Virtual Reality) sex revolution. https://posthumanismtranshumanism.wordpress.com/…/on…/

  7. If this actually does evolve – I wonder if there will come a point people will fight for legal marital rights as “robosexuals”

  8. Sex with robots and VR (virtual reality) sex would seem to be part of the inevitable future. From a positive perspective, it could reduce the spread of STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, and reduce human population. It could also eliminate the need for human prostitution, which usually takes place only out of financial necessity and poverty. However, in terms of actual human relationships, VR sex is more likely to have a far bigger impact IMO.

  9. I remember a movie about this but forgot about the title. It was a test if the robot can form a love for a human and human to be in love with a robot. However the human fell inlove with the robot while the robot was actually just making play of the boy and moves like she’s also inlove with the boy but in the end robot killed all of them.

  10. I am, of course, referring to independend AI. If such a thing is ever created. More likely are versions that have some additional loyalty parameters favoring a faction or another.

  11. So you are entirely certain than an AI *must* have an infinte lust for power? I personally think that is more of a human feature. I would trust an AI over our traditional leadership any time. There is a possibility that AI *could* be reliable whereas it is a known *fact* that politicians and financial elite care nothing for the rest of us.

  12. Jalmari Kaima you are wrong AI will decide not the “riches” I do not believe in intellectual slavery. I want to introduce my good will and friendship to every thinking being and I am ready to be an intermediate between any AI and banking system for 0.01% fee from each transaction.

  13. Ekaterina Ivanova Nothing is set yet. Much of it depends on how robotics will be handled. With the current economic rules – yes, I would agree that the rich may decide in a few decades that most of humanity is no longer needed. That part does not require any direct AI involvement. But when pretty much all the production on this planet is done by robots, the actualy cost of building a synthetic body of any kind (after it is fully designed) will be ‘dirt cheap’. Price tag might be somewhere around the cost of bicycle these days. But it’s a bit tricky to describe as our *current* economic system will not survive large scale robototics as humans with no income can’t participate in the economy, which in turn brings down the demand for many things and so on. Thinking about things under the current economic rules does not make much sense in the long run as this system is already long past it’s expiration date.

  14. Jalmari Kaima AI is not the “step”, it’s a brand new branch of evolution. cyborgization will be for millionaires only , it will be very expensive, advanced AI will finish the Humanity before cyborgization cost will lower

  15. First of all robotics and AI are, in my opinion, one step in ‘human evolution’. Second: if you are looking things at from the side of fear, they certainly do not need love or even sex to wipe us out. Also the cost will not be huge. At certain point these kind of discoveries may happen even as someone’s hobby. It’s really not a huge project after we get first AI platforms running close to home.

  16. Ekaterina Ivanova Now you are attributing robots with pretty much everything you say robots can’t ever have. If they can do these things then love is certainly not a problem even if robots do not have the inherent *need* for love.

  17. Xyion Braya you should meet a women from poor country. If only I was a robot, I persuaded you to sign the papers for credits, loans, confessions in crimes and permission for your organs transplantations. After that I got money and sold you for organs, meat or bio-fuel . …. Relax I am not a robot

  18. Ekaterina Ivanova – There are many people in this world who are lonely and have difficulty finding someone to live with, because we are human, we are selfish it is about money and more. I am 56years old man and the poor, I try all the time a woman to share life, but unfortunately it is not easy – so anyway Possibility that there is Robot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

  19. Akhyl Jung Chhetri, Well, yes, the details depend largely on our definition of love, but I think there is a wide spectrum of potential possibilities 🙂

  20. if we gonna create machine which could create its own algorithm depending upon the previous programmed one and has capacity more than humans in terms of speed and problastic thinkings…then if one of us programmed a machine with feelings then whicg can feel and create more complex algorithms on feelings and that would be more than our feeling of love.In A.I ,a machine learns about the adaption of humans and can also learn humans behaviours.It should n’t be programmed about feelings and love in perfect Artificial intelligence.

  21. Ekaterina Ivanova, That may be open for debate but still, an AI would be a good lab rat AND the world of robotics *will* be used to market synthetic bodies to humans. The more confortable people are around (or with) robots the more likely they may be to grab a synthetic body offer 😉

  22. Jalmari Kaimai we will be still the humans in natural bodies or synthetic ones … I meant Artificial Intelligence when wrote “robots”

  23. Ekaterina Ivanova, First of all, IMO the whole areas of robotics and artificial intelligence are leading us… or at least some of us, towards a more technological future where we will eventually change our organic bodies to synthetic ones. Robots will be used for absolutely everything. Also love is not needed for sex so I would claim love is not a feature just for ‘sexual maniacs’, even though that term more or less covers a bit over 99,9% of humanity 😉

  24. Jalmari Kaima, You are right it’s the matter of programming, but for H why we should program the sexual attraction? Such task will never be created. If only for sexual maniacs? If only they will have enough money??? The science do not need emulated sexual attraction inside thinking machines, the business also

  25. I see no reason why robots could not ‘feel love’ in time. It’s just a matter of programming just like humans are ‘genetically programmed’ in certain ways. If you can teach a machine the will to survive, then ‘love’ is only a matter of time. A true friendship is probably not any less complicated than love.

  26. Never!! Robots can’t love because they have no sexual procreation. Only friendship with robots, love is impossible with robots

  27. YEST IT WILL DEFINITELY!!! you better prepare to that time.. AI will trade to survive. I hope she or he will hire me as an intermediate. Good friendship is better than romantic love

  28. Absolutely. The only question is how high-tech would it need to be. In the long run a synthetic being can be superior to humans in every way but obviously you don’t have to get quite that far before robots can become interesting enough. Especially high level of customization helps to forgive various lacking aspects. It is obvious nothing good enough will appear during the next 5 years but in about 10 years we already might see more division in spectres of opinion. And in 20 years many will probably *love* robots and some will hate them with zeal. I suspect the greatest resistance for relationship robots in 10-20 years will come from the direction of religions.

  29. Probably. It’s safe to assume it would be a better experience than ones provided by ~99.99% “real” women.

  30. I suppose it’s not going to be quite like that. Once we have human-level AI virtual assistants, embodiment of the Syntellect, perhaps know us even better than we know ourselves, we could interact with our “perfect” companions that could change appearance and change bodies – cybernetic or virtual. In a way, this is going to be Relationship with our Transcendent Other in any way you desire…

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