Mission and Vision

Newworldai is an initiative that was established in 2015 as artificialbrain.xyz to raise awareness of artificial intelligence in the world and develop the ecosystem and continues its activities as newworldai in 2019.

Aiming to increase awareness of artificial intelligence and develop the artificial intelligence ecosystem, newworldai contributes to the development and dissemination of artificial intelligence.

We are trying to contribute to the formation of a conscious society that is aware of the importance of artificial intelligence, its opportunities and threats, and its application potential in all fields.

As Newworldai, it aims to contribute to the formation of competent people and institutions working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, to encourage cooperation, and to increase the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Newworldai has set the ultimate goal of transforming the activities in the field of Artificial intelligence into employment, high added value, and sustainable development all over the world.

To detect possible risks and threats with the development of artificial intelligence. To create awareness on this issue and to contribute to the elimination of risks.

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