Artificial Intelligence And The Threat To Salespeople

Every day, people ask me what I think about the influx of what we’ll call “robots” for the sake of this article. Robots are taking over workforces everywhere.

If you go to a bank, there are rarely any tellers in the building. Most transactions are done through an ATM. If you go to drive-thrus in the area where you live, you don’t interact with a real person. You just punch what you want into a computer that then orders your food. You don’t go to places to rent movies anymore. You push a button on a computer, and it’s delivered right to your TV.

Many jobs have been replaced already by artificial intelligence. We’ve seen the fast food worker and a lot of low-paying entry-level jobs replaced by artificial intelligence and robots. But what nobody’s talking about is the revolution happening right now. Artificial intelligence and robots are replacing a lot of mid-level producers, too. They’re working their way rapidly through the low-level jobs and increasingly making a presence in the mid-level positions.

Ryan Stewman, the “hardcore closer,” is CEO of one the fastest growing sales training organizations in America and Founder of

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