What is AI?: The three types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving. Artificial Super Intelligence could be here sooner than expected.

According to a Gartner Survey of over 3,000 CIOs, Artificial intelligence (AI) was by far the most mentioned technology and takes the spot as the top game-changer technology away from data and analytics, which is now occupying a second place.

AI is set to become the core of everything humans are going to be interacting with in the forthcoming years and beyond.

Robots are programmable entities designed to carry out a series of tasks. When programmers embed human-like intelligence, behavior, emotions, and even when they engineer ethics into robots we say they create robots with an embedded Artificial Intelligence that is able to mimic any task a human can perform, including debating, as IBM showed earlier this year at CES Las Vegas.

IBM has made a human-AI debate possible through its Project Debater, aimed at helping decision-makers make more informed decisions.

Depending on the type of tasks carried out by AI robots, AI has been divided into different categories. It is worth noting, however, that AI is still in its infancy. In the future, AI is going to look and behave quite differently from what it is today.

To be prepared for the future, we need to start brushing-up our knowledge of AI. Humans also need to be prepared for the challenges and changes AI will bring to society and humankind as a whole. So, what Artificial Intelligence actually is?




Source: https://interestingengineering.com/the-three-types-of-artificial-intelligence-understanding-ai

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