Artificial Intelligence in Education

Pearson’s Chief Technology and Operations Office, Albert Hitchcock, discusses AI in education on CNBCs Squawk Box.

The world’s largest edu-business, Pearson, partnered with one of the world’s largest computing companies, IBM, at the end of October 2016 to develop new approaches to education in the “cognitive era.”


  • 2016 – Pearson announce partnership to integrate IBM Watson in products
  • IMB Watson will serve as “virtual tutor” for students
  • October 2017- First Watson in Revel pilot launch, second pilot in Spring 2018
  • Potential for Watson to serve millions of students in the U.S. and globally

*AI in education can provide personalised learning
*AI creates virtual learning environments
*AI in education give one-to-one tutoring at scale
*Automated marking frees up teacher time&energy
*AI in education doesn’t replace teacher
*Personalised learning AI can tackle global skills gap

IBM and Pearson announce a new global education alliance to make Watson’s cognitive capabilities available to millions of college students and professors.

Combining IBM’s cognitive capabilities with Pearson’s digital learning products will give students a more immersive learning experience with their college courses, and an easy way to get help and insights when they need it, all through asking questions in natural language just like they would with another student or professor. Importantly, it provides instructors with insights about how well students are learning, allowing them to better manage the entire course and flag students who need additional help.

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