The Future of Work in an Artificial Intelligence World

Kevin Kelly believes that we overestimate the effects of technology in the moment, but vastly underestimate their effects in the long term.

New technology, however transient or banal it may seem, increases our choices and sets the stage for new problems; it builds the world that we live in and react to. Whenever we create anything, we join a vast lineage of makers and thinkers and doers, from the first cave painter to the designers of virtual technology. In this interview, Kevin talks about applying the genius you have to the technology and possibilities of the present.

“I think there’s a legitimate concern about Artificial Intelligence. I think there’s going to be a disruption in our patterns of work.” Kevin Kelly, technologist, futurist, and founder of Wired Magazine talks about the role of AI in changing the future of work.

Kevin Kelly is a visionary idea man and technologist. He is a co-founder of Wired and also of the influential Hackers Conference. He is the editor and publisher of the website Cool Tools, which gets half a million unique visitors per month. He is a prolific author – in particular, his classic book Out of Control set our understanding of emergent technology – editor, and unorthodox thinker. His journalism has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Time, Harpers, GQ, and Esquire.

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