Malnutrition, Food Waste, and Artificial Intelligence

Malnutrition, Food Waste, and Artificial Intelligence | Aydin Alsan | TEDxLagunaBlancaSchool

Aydin Alsan is not your average seventh-grader. While he enjoys soccer and basketball, he is also captivated by how different systems work together. Aydin views Artificial Intelligence as a key way to solve problems in our world. Through his talk, he addresses the pressing issues of malnutrition and food waste and proposes an original solution using AI.

Aydin is a seventh-grader at Laguna Blanca School and he is very inquisitive about many subjects but especially artificial intelligence. He is extremely interested in how producers of food can be connected to local restaurants and can help lower the food miles between a consumer and a producer; more specifically, malnutrition and AI. AI can create a diversity of foods in one area so that the area does not need imports from other places. Aydin is captivated by how different things work together and he views AI as a way to solve problems whereas some people believe it creates problems. In addition to his academic interests, he also enjoys playing sports such as soccer and basketball.


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