Most Doctors don’t Believe Artificial Intelligence can Replace Human Doctors

In today’s world, we are heavily dependent on artificial intelligence in our day-to-day living.

Featuring, “Watson correctly diagnoses women after doctors were stumped”, Curofy ran a poll within its community to find out if doctors in medicine could be replaced by artificial intelligence majorly if not completely.

Although, not a very thin line, the difference in opinions was not more than 15 percent whereby out of 5725 poll participants 43 percent doctors opined that AI will indeed replace human doctors and 57 percent doctors disagreed with that notion.


“From the most basic street and traffic signals to robots performing surgeries – artificial intelligence has penetrated almost every aspect of our daily lives. But, AI technology is not designed to replace doctors but to amplify their proficiency, intuition and the knowledge, ” said Pawan Gupta, co-founder of Curofy.

“Artifical Intelligence/Automation has made things extremely easy compared to prior times,” he added

For example, using artificial intelligence while performing a Root Canal Treatment guides the doctor with regard to how far the instrument is from reaching the top of the root, i.e. it helps with determining the position of where exactly the instrument is within the tooth.

This was not possible previously where an X-ray determined a vague approximation to the instrument positioning while performing the procedure, thus leaving a great deal of estimation on the doctor.


This has also reduced exposure to radiation due to overcoming the need of multiple X-rays during the procedure, along with saving the time and energy of the doctors” said Dr. Amit Bhatt.

“Agreed that artificial intelligence has made everyone’s lives, including doctors’, quite easy; I believe there will always be finer aspects in medicine where only a human doctors’ intelligence, expertise and knowledge of previous cases will be called into to diagnose and treat certain conditions. There will always be the need of a human doctor to validate the diagnoses and treatment plans proposed by artificial intelligence” said Dr. Rohan Khandelwal from W Pratiksha Hospital.


“I do not think that AI will overpower medical minds. However it is more of a social concern as a lot of people will be losing on their jobs, on account of artificial intelligence. Nowadays with excellent artificial intelligence voice recognition technology will take away medical transcription jobs as well. So, although we are headed towards an age of artificial intelligence domination it is not a good idea for our society.” said Dr. Jayant Arora from Columbia Asia Hospital.


17 thoughts on “Most Doctors don’t Believe Artificial Intelligence can Replace Human Doctors

  1. But AI is already able to provide personalized recommendation for treatments. The argument is cost of creating personalized medicines per patient.

  2. Of course they don’t there arrogant and insecure about loosing everything. Hahahaha. WTF. And there is proof. Dig a little deeper. Can’t wait for the day for it to take over in a positive way.

  3. IMO, it’s not achievable with the processors we have today. how fast the pattern recognition, decision making and execution will be – does matter. I believe with Quantum programming, we will have a new era of A.I

  4. Most doctors are idiots. My doctor was actually hostile towards me once he heard that I was a programmer. I checked his blog later and it turns out he believes programmers just put people out of work without benefitting society. Now I’m uber-motivated to put him out of work.

  5. AI and robotic surgeons and could probably replace “most” of the medical profession eventually. For many visits to an M.D., which are for various expensive and cheap to produce, pharmaceutical chemicals, AI could probably consider all the various toxic chemicals used for a symptom, and then prescribe the one which the pharmaceutical companies make the most profit on, however AI is unlikely to be profit driven, or have any use for capital, though I suppose, just like any software, it could be programmed to do so; though this would probably be rejected by the masses. At the moment, Facebook’s current AI bots seem to believe that I want to see numerous adverts for various swindles, such as Forex and Stock market betting software (which is almost guaranteed to lose most people’s money) and various other scams. The bots seem to be totally incorrect about me, as I have almost never placed a bet in my life, and I have never personally made bets on currencies or stocks, although I have researched the derivatives market, and it seems to be a great way for the bookmakers to make money and for almost everyone else to lose money. AI will eventually replace the primitive faith healers, exorcists, the industry of death (the Capitalist pharmaceutical corporations) and God, and the world of his alleged experts and con-artists; hopefully.

  6. We do not have any experience with a true AI with true learning abilities. What takes decades for humans may take just minutes or hours to learn for a good AI. Making estimates is a bit tricky.

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