How Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Evolution can cooperate to shape out the future

Prof. Pierre Collet is trying to find the solutions “How Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Evolution can cooperate to shape out the future (creative autonomous computers)”? How new technologies are shaping a future where machines could be faster, more creative and more innovative than humans? How AI and AI lead us toward a generation of intelligent and autonomous computers?

“Our research team is working right now at Strasburg University and we are thinking about how it is possible to make computers, make them autonomous to have some creative autonomous computers..”

“In order to understand how this can happen, it can happen through the mix of two things which is artificial intelligence but also artificial evolution. Most people don’t know that in parallel with the development of AI and artificial evolution has also developed. If you look at a timeline on how computers have and research on these domains have been now going on well 1953 is more or less the first business computer the IBM650.”

1953: First business computer

Artificial Intelligence

1955: Simon & Newell develop the “logic theorist”
1956: Mc Carthy invites colleagues for the
Dartmouth Summer Research Project on AI
1957: Newel, Shaw & Simon: General Problem Solver
1958: Mc Carthy creates the LISP language
1960-70: 1st phase of the development of AI
1980-90: Expert systems, neural networks
2012 –: Deep learning
(deep NN on GPGPU cards)

Artificial Evolution

1953: First trials in Australia, USA, and Europe
1957: Fraser evolves chains of bits
1958: Friedberg: auto-programming via mutations
1959: Friedman: Digital simulation of evolution
1965-75: 3 main trends of artificial evolution
Genetic algorithms, Evolution Strategies, Evol, Programming
1990: Genetic Programming
2000: Human Competitive Gen Prog
2009: AE on GPGPU cards

“The task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen, but to conceive what no one has yet imagined, but that everyone sees.” Schapenauer

Who is Prof.Pierre Collet?
Prof.Pierre Collet is a computer science professor and the former head of the department of computer science at Strasbourg University. He is also the coordinator of the “Complex Systems Digital Campus” UNESCO UniTwin program.

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