Lex Fridman with Rohit Prasad on Amazon Alexa and Artificial Intelligence

Lex Fridman had a great conversation with Rohit Prasad, the vice president and head scientist of Amazon Alexa and one of its original creators, on Amazon Alexa and Artificial Intelligence.

Source:   Lex Fridman

Who is Rohit Prasad?

Rohit Prasad, vice president, and head scientist, Amazon Alexa, leads research and development in Artificial Intelligence technologies aimed at making interaction with Alexa a magical experience for customers. Prior to Amazon, Prasad was deputy manager and senior director of the Speech, Language and Multimedia Business Unit at Raytheon BBN Technologies. In that role, he directed US Government-sponsored research and development initiatives in speech-to-speech translation, psychological health analytics, document image translation, and STEM learning. Prasad is a named author on more than 100 scientific articles and holds several patents. He earned his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, India.

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