Artificial Intelligence and Exponential Finance: Neil Jacobstein

Neil Jacobstein explores how Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data analytics are revolutionizing credit, risk and fraud, and changing the overall financial services landscape.

“It is a great pleasure to share my passion for artificial intelligence and exponential finance with you. AI has flown beneath the radar for the first six decades of its development. Just recently it’s exploded into public consciousness. But what may not be as obvious is that what’s emerging is an intimate symbiosis between machine intelligence and human intelligence.”

For example here’s a new hedge fund called NUMERAI which crowdsources its algorithms from teams of data scientist.

Here’s a company called Affirm that’s run by Max Levchin. Max is a member of the PayPal mafia. He’s also a co-founder of Yelp and Max and his team are completely dedicated to disrupting consumer credit making it cheaper fewer fees and easier to get.

KENSHO is a global analytics company that uses machine intelligence to increase financial transparency. What’s not as obvious is the heavy lifting going on behind the scenes there.

This is what it really looks like and machine intelligence companies. A true symbiosis between machines and humans.

“Here’s a company called sentient which has 135 million dollars invested in them. They were founded by one of the architects of Siri Adam Cheyer and they’re all about massively scaling AI and deep learning a very powerful pattern recognition algorithm and evolutionary intelligence. So what does that word mean let me show you their schema…..”

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