How can artificial intelligence help shape a smarter society?

The value of a smarter society comes in many flavours. Tieto’s expert Fredrik Ring, Head of business and IT transformation, shares their insights and views on what a smarter society means.

How can artificial intelligence help shape a smarter society?

Artificial intelligence helps us see things we cannot see. For example, scientists have seen that when that when an earthquake occurs or when there is an avalanche, it generates a noise in the background. Artificial intelligence is able to predict patterns in this noise so that we can be better at forecasting earthquakes and avalanches.

Will artificial intelligence change the way we work?

I think that one part of it is that artificial intelligence will replace a lot of work, and that sounds dangerous but that is for routine work that is not fulfilling people’s needs, and that can be done by artificial intelligence. Another thing we foresee is artificial intelligence working together with humans, which will be a great combination.

What will the future hold for artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence will be in your fridge, it will drive your car, it will even help understand and take care of your health. Artificial intelligence will advise you to save your money, how to spend your money and will alert you if you spend too much money. So, artificial intelligence will be included or embedded in everything we do, and very soon, we will not even notice that artificial intelligence is there.

What does a smarter society mean to you?

I think it is a lot about values. I think we all agree on the fundamental values about equality: things like race, the color of your skin, sexual preference, gender. But this is not always how we act. In the decisions we take every day, very often, it goes in different directions. I think that Artificial Intelligence can help us be more informed.


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