Artificial Intelligence War Between The U.S. And China

The 2019 World Economic Forum Summer Meeting began in Dalian, China, with the participation of over two thousand researchers, business and economic officials, senior politicians and officials from around the world.

At the opening ceremony, Chinese new Prime Minister Li Keqiang called for the creation of such summer forums to enable large and new enterprises to compete and develop on equal terms.

China, which could not find its place in the list of the world’s top 20 technology companies until four or five years ago, now has now nine companies in this list.

By investing large amounts in high-tech products, China had been known for its ability to copy existing products or ideas into markets through cheap labor. However, with the great leaps made by China in the digital era, it has started to create the opposite perception.

Many technology experts predict that China will become a major force in the near future. Eric Schmidt, former president of Google’s rooftop company Alphabet, argues that China will surpass the United States by 2025 at the latest. According to Kai-fu Lee, the author of AI Superpowers and former president of Google China, the situation has already turned in favor of China.

China has reached a $ 3.8 trillion digital economy. The biggest share of this giant budget allocated by China to digital economy is transferred to artificial intelligence investments.

Today, some companies such as AliBaba, whose star is increasingly shining on artificial intelligence, as well as the Chinese government are making great efforts. Artificial intelligence has the potential to unlock a massive wave of economic growth and opportunity.

China, which makes almost 5 times more patent applications in artificial intelligence technology than the USA, is also the world’s largest academic article producing country.

Although there is no clear research on the nature of the articles and patented products produced, even when only the figures are considered, it is clear that China has achieved a perfect position in artificial intelligence.

China’s abandonment of assembly and launching its own products at lower prices than many US companies, and major investments in the field of artificial intelligence, which is seen as the technology of the future, reinforce the forecasts that it will catch up with the US in 2030, or even leave it behind.

At Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2019 in Dalian, 1-3 July “Next 10 Years: What To Expect In China’s Artificial Intelligence Future” was discussed.

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