Never Mind North Korea, Here’s the AI Robots

Legal and media analyst Lionel talks to RT about how artificial intelligence is a bigger threat than North Korea and that humans should be vastly more concerned about robots taking over the world.

Natasha Sweatte
“The latest artificial intelligence fear forecaster is none other than Elon Musk SpaceX founder and noted futurist. In fact, humans should be vastly more concerned about robots taking over the world.Is he exaggerating Lionel?”

“No… Not at all..l And as your resident alarmist, I will say that not either am I. Natasha, Do you think that there is any doubt in your mind that artificial intelligence versus robots? Because, one is software and one is hardware. But, artificial intelligence.. you know somebody’s going to try this on the battlefield.. Right, you know somebody the Pentagon is gonna say -hey we got this great idea. We don’t have to man these things. Let’s say with that Korean guy in North Korea we’ve got this artificial intelligence. So, if anything goes wrong, we don’t have to worry about detonating or sending over a missile. It’s all taken care of that.”

Natasha Sweatte 
“Can you first explain the difference between AI and robots so everyone is on the same page?”

“Exactly.. A robot is something that cleans your apartment. It’s hardware or something that it just does something.. It’ll make something.. It’s a welder at a plant. That’s a robot. Artificial intelligence is software. Artificial intelligence says when should I weld? How do I get out of welding? Why does this person want me to weld? How can I make more of me to stop welding? I mean it’s it’s like think about it little miniaturized people.”


“One of these things are so frightening is that when it comes to the notion of military and you know they’re going to do this just know it. Imagine one of two things happening..Nothing or everything. In the case of something goes wrong and the artificial intelligence that runs this not merely a trigger mechanism but something that decides. We’re going to launch now. It decides -I don’t think Natasha knows what she’s doing. I’m going to get around her. I’m going to figure out how to get her not to tell me.

Because, artificial intelligence is like a petulant child. Artificial intelligence is like a troubled child. It’s somebody who wants to get around it and it always wants to replicate itself. You are creating with artificial intelligence a potential monster and what happens is we have a generation of people who mean well young or in particular who see this and say that’s cool. Driverless cars, Cool. Artificial intelligence robots the same thing what could go wrong. Elon Musk is 100% right. Stephen Hawking is right. Isaac Asimov was right. Arthur Clarke since the beginning of time I fear artificial intelligence no matter how cute the robot is that houses it.”

Natasha Sweatte 
“You know a good point about driverless cars. I mean so many people died in car accidents and you’re putting your life into the hands of artificial intelligence. Some people might trust that some people might not. But and you bring up a great point with the military. So, Do you think we could get to the point where AI is actually controlling our nuclear arsenal too”

“Absolutely – classic 2001. I want you to call back. This military. No, no.. Call this back. Sorry Natasha. No no.. Wait this is a nuclear no. I’m not going to do this. Now what I’m saying just now it sounds like all come on there’s going to be systems to overdo this or to overrun  petulant problematic AI that goes rogue or will there be. Just robots are fun, robot are cool. Robots with two or three or four different activities. Artificial intelligence is the software software the brain that could go neurotic or psychotic that’s what artificial intelligence.” 

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