Artificial Intelligence for Humanity – Matthew Scassero TEDx Talks

What benefits can artificial intelligence offer to humankind for health, food, and connectivity? Matthew Scassero, the Director of the University of Maryland Unmanned Systems, discusses current evolutions in AI, and stresses the need to stay engaged and informed.

Matt Scassero is the Director of the University of Maryland Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site, focusing the resources and efforts of the state of Maryland on working with the FAA to integrate UAS into the national airspace, and enabling public access to these valuable assets to empower a flourishing new industry.

Prior to his work with UAS, Matt was with Melwood, a non-profit dedicated to empowering people with differing disabilities to enrich their own lives through rehabilitative services and employment opportunities. Prior to joining Melwood, Matt completed a 27 year career in the US Navy, serving America in a wide variety of leadership roles both at sea and ashore. He has sailed on six of the seven seas and traveled to more than 25 nations across five continents. Matt earned his BS in Physics/Oceanography from the United States Naval Academy, his Master of Public Administration from the University of Baltimore, and is a Leadership Maryland graduate.

Source:  TEDx Talks

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