Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Esri Federal GIS Conference

Alberto Nieto and Kristen Hocutt explained the main ideas for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at 2018 Esri Federal GIS Conference on March 20-21 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center | Washington, D.C.

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are some of the most important and fascinating concepts in today’s world.” ~ Alberto Nieto

Kristen Hocutt demonstrates how clustering in Machine Learning Algorithms were used to reflect over 700K traffic accidents that happened in Virginia, DC and Maryland in 2017.

Nieto gives a live demonstration of traffic intersections in Jackson Hole, WY and how using ArcGIS API for Python, the Operations Dashboard can track activity within intersections every six seconds. The example of the integration between ArcGIS and Deep Learning allows us to find new capabilities to predict and improve traffic in areas such of roads and intersections.

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