Artificial Horizons – Martin Ciupa (TEDx Talks)

Martin Ciupa, the Chief Technology Officer at calvIO Inc. (part of the Calvary Robotics group of companies), made a great speech at TEDxTanglinTrustSchool on artificial intelligence.

Recently there has been much media speculation over questions like: Will these AI/Robot systems rebel against their masters making an apocalyptic vision of the Terminator movies come about? Or, will they replace not just human factory workers but teachers and doctors – leaving humankind unemployed?”

Martin uses his experience of Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, and Philosophy to answer some of these questions about our place in the likely real “artificial” future.

The vision of a utopian future on the horizon

*AI is booming:
-AI is growing fast (300% increase expected in 2017 over 2016)
-PwC expected AI will add $15.7 Trillion to the Global Economy by 2030)
-Timeline to AGI/Superintelligence is perhaps 15-30 years horizon.

*Industrial Automation & Robotics is promising much:
-An exciting abundant tech through Industry 4.0 and 5.0 revolutions.
-Smart Immersive Gaming and Service Robots in the next 10-20 years.

*These trends underpinning the “Technological Singularity” artificial horizon.

“We need to manage our fear response when faced with socio-economic revolutions. Many are concerned that the impending revolution caused by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is something that is a source of fear, that humanity will lose out and we need to react to “stay ahead.”

The idea of “staying ahead” implies necessary competition. This assumption is simply in error. It is like a Victorian asking if a horse will be able to compete with a steam engine or automobile. All three “systems” humans employed as tools.

Artificial Intelligence is a smart tool to be employed by mankind in cooperation, to help make better decisions, and build efficient economic performance.

Smart Robots will do Robotic jobs. An abundant economy of high-quality low-cost production will enable a Universal Basic Income based remodeling of society so that Humans do Humane jobs (of which there’s an infinite demand.)

The point being that Artificial Intelligence & Robotics will enable a transition to a more humane socio-economic model where humans are not employed as tools.”

Martin Ciupa is the Chief Technology Officer at calvIO Inc. (part of the Calvary Robotics group of companies) in Webster, New York. His work is helping to make Machine Learning systems that can program Smart Robots in an Industrial Automation setting (with little to no human programming.)

TEDx Talks

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