Artificial Intelligence In Its Infancy

Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, discusses his company’s efforts to invest in artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles through Alphabet’s Waymo partnership.

“I think you need to look at the AI industry. You have to look at one it’s in its infancy. Right, it’s just beginning. The technology is just starting and rather than a singular solution like the GPU guys are bringing. What we’re bringing is really a wide swath of solutions. So, we can go that we acquired at Nirvana for the highest performing technologies. We acquired mobile. We’ve acquired saffron. We’ve acquired more videos for drones and mobile devices. So we have the largest collection of technologies. We can bring to artificial intelligence. At the end, we don’t think any one of those solutions. We could also bring our FPGAs (Field-programmable gate array) which in video analytics and video AI is actually one of the strongest pieces of Silicon to be used in architectures. We’ve got a wide variety and artificial intelligence is not one solution and I think the autonomous car is a great example.”

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