Three Ways Machine Learning Shapes Customer Experience

When it comes to customer experience, most machines just aren’t very smart. Every day, customers around the world are suggested products to buy or use that has little or no application to their lives and for which they aren’t a customer. It is frustrating to get recommendations for items you would never actually purchase.

Blake Morgan is the author of “More Is More: How The Best Companies Work Harder And Go Farther To Create Knock Your Socks Off Customer Experiences.” She is an advisor, speaker and Forbes contributor on customer experience. She was recognized by ICMI as a top 50 thought leader for 2016.

“Today I want to talk about what is machine learning and how is it relevant for customer experience. One could say that machines today our a little bit stupid. It’s almost like these machines are people and they’re volunteering to help marketers and they’re really failing. For example, every time I go to any magazine or even my email, maybe Twitter, I’m marketed products and ideas that are not relevant to me or I’m not a buyer for and this happens every single day to millions actually billions of people across the world on the web.”

“Now we’re seeing a little more progress with something called machine learning which is essentially our ability to program machines or software to teach itself to learn from past experiences through data and through other opportunities for machines to get to know us the consumers better.”

“There are a few reasons why this is pretty compelling when it comes to customer experience. We live in a swipe right culture thank you too tender thank God I never use that because I’m too old for that and found someone before tender but anyway we live in a swipe right culture and marketers have very little time to earn the trust and the consumer and they’re not doing a great job of it now because as I said earlier our machines today that we rely on for marketing  especially automation their little bit stupid.”

“In the future, machine learning work will improve our ability to engage with customers to provide tailored just-in-time elegant experiences that consider past behavior and future needs.”

“There are three ways that machine learning will help improve customer experiences: The first one is content it as I mentioned earlier we’re in a swipe right culture and marketers have very little time to earn the trust of the consumer. So machinery helps us tailor content and that’s offering that news content is pretty much everything on the web when it comes to content. The second way is through product offerings -Hey Blake we see like this soccer match you might like this other soccer match. The third is actually the work that’s happening look at / self-driving cars. Machine learning helps those cars learn navigation and understand what certain things are on the road. For example, that’s an animal that’s a person how far am I from the car ahead of me.”

“So machine learning in these three ways will help transform customer experiences and basically, in the end, it’s about hyper-personalized customer experiences are powered by machine learning but not like what we see today where I hate to say it but we sort of let technology and loose customers and nothing is really relevant if I get something that’s relevant I was caught off guard and super impressed. So that should be a warning message to all of you out there understand machine-learning, get it into your contact centers, get into your marketing plans and let it power your customer experience.“

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