The Best Comprehensive Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Dr. Joseph Reger

Dr. Joseph Reger – Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu Fellow, EMEIA – discusses how artificial intelligence is impacting business and society. He talks about the immense opportunities and the potential threats this poses, suggesting that whether AI is a miracle or a curse depends entirely on humans.

“AI is coming. Your digital transformation will need it and use it. AI is inevitable,” says Dr. Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu Fellow, Fujitsu at the Fujitsu Forum 2016.

“Already today there are more things than humans connected to the Internet. Currently, we have something like 10 billion such devices [including sensors, monitors and machine-to-machine communications], and by 2020 everyone is expecting 50 to 60 billion ‘things’ on the Internet. So it will be a device-dominated network.”

Dr. Joseph Reger serves as Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Holding) B.V. since 2002 and served as its Executive Vice President. Dr. Reger was responsible for understanding and predicting IT trends that benefit customers most, as well as for their implementation in the Fujitsu ‘s strategy. He is a renowned industry expert and has steered Fujitsu as well as customers in real-life implementations of Dynamic IT and Mobility topics.

He joined Fujitsu as the Head of Technology Marketing in 1998 from IBM, where he acted as Executive Consultant and Chief IT Architect. He serves as a Director of SmApper Technologies GmbH. He started his career in academic research (physics and computer sciences). Dr. Reger has studied and worked for Universities in Hungary, Norway, A, and Germany where he obtained the highest German academic degree (habilitation) at the University of Mainz.

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