Machine Learning Interviews – Chip Huyen

At the VietAI Summit 2019, Chip Huyen, Senior Deep Learning Engineer, NVIDIA, at SlatorCon San Francisco gave an insightful presentation about Machine Learning entitled “Machine Learning Interviews.”

NVIDIA’s Senior Deep Learning Engineer Chip Huyen explains why transferring machine translation research breakthroughs to a real-world production setting is complex and why she thinks multilingual neural MT and quality estimation are among the most important areas to focus on right now.

About VietAI Summit 2019

More than 450 people attended VietAI Summit 2019, “AI for The Future,” organized by VietAI and Kambria. With a program featuring many reputable guest speakers from big tech companies such as Google Brain, Toyota Research Institute, Kambria, NVIDIA, VinAI Research, Vinbrain, Deakin University, and Vietnam National University HCMC, we received many fresh insights into the exciting state of AI research and application, not just in Vietnam, but also around the world. To receive an invitation to VietAI Summit 2020, Like the VietAI Facebook page and Like the Kambria Facebook page.

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