The most important skills of data scientists | Jose Miguel Cansado | TEDxIEMadrid

How big data starts to drive the world, and what kind of skills will you need to interpret it?

Data is everywhere. In fact, the amount of digital data that exists is growing at a rapid rate, doubling every two years, and changing the way we live. Data Science is basically dealing with unstructured and structured data. Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that is related to data cleansing, preparation, and analysis. In simple terms, it is the umbrella of techniques used when trying to extract insights and information from data.

General Director of Alto Data Analytics, Jose Miguel Cansado, has developed his international career in IMB Watson and Alcatel-Lucent, including eight years in pacific Asia as Head of Multimedia and Mobile Communications. He is a telecommunication engineer and holds a master’s in marketing from INSEAD, as well as an executive MBA from IE Business School.


This Data Science tutorial video will give you an idea of the life of a Data Scientist, steps involved in Data science project, roles & salary offered to a Data Scientist.

Below topics are explained in this Data Science tutorial:
1. Life of a Data Scientist
2. Steps in Data Science project
– Understanding the business problem
– Data acquisition
– Data preparation
– Exploratory data analysis
– Data modeling
– Visualization and communication
– Deploy & maintenance
3. Roles offered to a Data Scientist
4. Salary of a Data Scientist


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