Generative AI and Large Language Models: An Overview of Current Trends and Terminology in the Field

Welcome to the exciting world of Generative AI and Large Language Models, where creativity and innovation come together to push the limits of what we once thought possible. In our book, “Generative AI and Large Language Models: A Deep Dive into Creativity,” we invite you to explore the cutting edge of artificial intelligence.

In these pages, you will learn how Large Language Models work, discover advanced techniques like RALM and RAG, and explore topics like Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, hallucinationsprompt engineering, and context windows. We also discuss McKinsey’s predictions.

Generative AI, often compared to modern magic, enables machines to create and craft in ways once reserved for humans. We will explore how digital wizards like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 generate language and images.

Beyond technology, this book explores the evolving partnership between humans and machines. We trace the evolution of large language models and their impact on various industries, revealing the transformative power of Generative AI.
Join us as we simplify complex terms and trends in the field, making them accessible. Discover how Generative AI and Large Language Models drive progress, offering unique opportunities and challenges.

We leave you with wonder and anticipation as we conclude this captivating journey. The horizon of Generative AI holds endless possibilities, including questions about AI consciousness and the rise of Artificial General Intelligence. This book is your passport to the frontier of creativity, where Generative AI and Large Language Models redefine what is possible. Welcome to a world where the future knows no bounds but our collective imagination.

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