Ethics and artificial intelligence

Robin Dale Hanson and James J. Hughes are having conversation on ethics and Artificial Intelligence. They talked together below subjects;

  1. Should we really worry about robots taking our jobs?
  2. Fighting racism with algorithms
  3. Are AI advances mostly hype?
  4. Using AI to make technology more secure
  5. The robot economy is coming
  6. Do robots have moral value?

Who is Robin Dale Hanson?

Robin Dale Hanson is an associate professor of economics at George Mason University and a research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. He is known as an expert on idea futures and markets, and he was involved in the creation of the Foresight Institute’s Foresight Exchange and DARPA’s FutureMAP project. He invented market scoring rules like LMSR (Logarithmic Market Scoring Rule) used by prediction markets such as Consensus Point (where Hanson is Chief Scientist, and has conducted research on signalling.


Who is James J. Hughes?

James J. Hughes is an American sociologist and bioethicist. He is the Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and teaches health policy at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in the United States.He is the author of ‘Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond To The Redesigned Human Of The Future’ and is currently writing a book tentatively titled ‘Cyborg Buddha: Using Neurotechnology to Become Better People’.


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