101 NLP Interview Questions and Answers

The most frequently asked interview questions about NLP in 2021 prepared by Great Learning are a great source for those who will apply for a job on this subject.

The first 37 questions are presented below. Other questions and answers to all questions can be found in the video below.

1. What is NLP?
2. Mention the important components in NLP?
3. What are domains are currently using NLP?
4. What is stemming in NLP?
5. What is Lemmatization in NLP?
6. What is tokenization in NLP?
7. What is the difference between stemming and lemmatization?
8. What is NER?
9. Where can NER be used?
10.What is feature extraction?
11.What is the procedure to do feature extraction?
12.What is latent semantic indexing?
13.What is recall?
14.What is precision?
15.What are the metrics used to test NLP models?
16.What is Python?
17.What are popular libraries in Python?
18.What are useful libraries for NLP in Python?
19.What are important terms in NLP?
20.What is TF-IDF?
21.What is POS tagging?
22.What is the difference between NLP and NLU?
23.What makes NLP difficult for beginners?
24.What is ngram in NLP?
25.What are stop words in NLP?
26.Give examples of real-life applications of NLP?
27.What is syntactic analysis?
28.What is semantic analysis?
29.What is NLTK?
30.What is Uni-gram?
31.What is Bi-gram?
32.Can you explain the stemming procedure with an example?
33.Can you explain the Lemmatization procedure with an example?
34.What are regular expressions?
35.What is dependency parsing in NLP?
36.What is pragmatic analysis?
37.Where can NLP be useful?

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