What’s Possible with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Speaker: Lance Olson, Director of Program Management, Cortana Intelligence Suite at Microsoft.. In this session, you’ll hear how AI and machine learning can be leveraged inside your organization.

Lance Olson is a Partner Director of Program Management for Cortana Intelligence at Microsoft. Prior to his current role, Lance was the Group Program Manager responsible for HDInsight, Microsoft’s Hadoop/Spark-as-a-Service offering in Azure. Lance was one of the founding members on the. NET team at Microsoft and has worked extensively on database, networking, business intelligence in Excel, and developer technologies for enterprise customers over the last 20 years. When not thinking about data, Lance enjoys mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest.

In this program there is also a poll;

Which of the following is the best measure of a data-driven organization?

a. Growth in the business
b. Increased customer satisfaction
c. Rate of experimentation of data
d. Growth of data

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