What Do You Need Today? – An Empirical Systematization of Application Areas for Chatbots at Digital Workplaces

The application of chatbots in digital workplaces is currently on the rise. Especially in customer or employee support scenarios this kind of artificial intelligence and natural language-based human-computer interface is been used.

However, the application of chatbots in real work scenarios is still considered barely and unknown. Therefore, we aim at surveying the current application of chatbots at workplaces. Thus, we conducted an empirical cross-section interview study. Our findings show that chatbots can perform five tasks, which have to be considered in seven application areas. Furthermore, we show generalized results for the combination of tasks and application areas in order to be reused by practice and science in the future.

In recent years, a new trend for supporting employees in daily work scenarios emerged: the application of chatbots, an artificial intelligence and natural language-based human-computer interface.

As with the current progressing digitalization of established working practices and the redesign of the workplace, employees and the way they work are concerned. More and more innovative and private-known digital technologies are used to enhance the working quality.

Despite these advantages, the increasing use of information systems and necessary information sources leads to information as well as application overload. Regardless of the spread of new and smart systems, the information access is still a major problem at the workplace. Thus, the time for searching, editing, sharing of information increases, which affects the productivity negatively instead of improving it.

Raphael Meyer von Wolff, Sebastian Hobert, Matthias Schumann, Kristin Masuch


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