The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Society: Terah Lyons

Terah Lyons, discusses how Artificial Intelligence is currently handled by US government, and how this may change overtime.

“Artificial intelligence or AI is a sub field of computer science which enables intelligence exhibited machines and even experts disagree about what exactly defines AI.

But usually they can agree that if something exhibits intelligence if it interacts with its environment complex ways then we can generally call it AI.

Though the field AI has existed for several decades, recent progress and AI has been driven by three primary factors that have built upon each other. The availability of big data which in turn has helped power more sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques and in turn has relied upon faster computing infrastructure. Policy-making is a process of radical collaboration and the AI policy process for us was no different. It is a synthesis of complex ideas both drawn from within and outside of the government community and across the country. We had thousands of people tune into AI workshop series. We spoke to people across the public and private sectors experts in a variety of different fields and people from all different disciplines and backgrounds.”

Terah Lyons is a Policy Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer at The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

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