The Next Generation of Robots Will Be Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Robots must be smarter if they’re going to pack boxes in warehouses, scan inventory in stores, and even care for the elderly.

The rise of machine learning in recent years is making that possible. Steady innovation has led to robots that can independently “learn” to navigate tight corridors and grasp delicate objects without crushing them.

Some of the leading American and Japanese robotics companies and investors recently gathered in Menlo Park, Calif. to discuss artificial intelligence in robotics and its impact on business. Their conclusion? The robots are coming. But it may require some cooperation between the U.S. and an important overseas ally.

Japan has long been a powerhouse in robotics, fueled by its huge appetite for automating its automotive and manufacturing industries. But these kinds of old-school robots lack the cutting-edge machine-learning software that could help them continuously improve on the job.

Recognizing the problem, Japanese robotics companies, in some cases, are partnering with U.S. companies that specialize in A.I. software. The goal is to take the best from both countries.


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