Microsoft, Google and the Artificial Intelligence Race

Microsoft and Google companies want to be central to the development of the thinking machine.

The decision by Microsoft to invest $1 billion in OpenAI, a company jointly founded by Elon Musk, brings closer the time when machines threaten to replace humans in any tasks that humans do today.

OpenAI, which was founded just four years ago, has pioneered a range of technologies which have pushed the frontiers of massive data processing in defiance of the physical and computer capabilities that governed such developments for generations.

Now, with the investment from Microsoft, the pace of technological change is likely to accelerate rapidly. Today, Artificial Intelligence is at a level of what is known as ‘weak AI’ and relies on humans to create the algorithms which allow for the crunching of massive amounts of data to produce new and often predictive results. Artificial General Intelligence, or Strong AI, will herald a new era when robots will essentially be able to think for themselves.

AGI will allow for machines to solve any task normally carried out by a human but will also link those tasks across multiple disciplines to create innovative solutions. As OpenAI puts it, AGI will combine the skills of Curie, Turing and Bach. Elon Musk himself has always feared that AGI could threaten the future of humanity by making humans largely irrelevant to the robots’ future.



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