Machine Learning APIs by Example: Sara Robinson

Think your business could make use of Google’s machine learning expertise when it comes to powering and improving your business applications, but do you get stuck on building and training your own custom model?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers five APIs:
Google Cloud Vision API,
Cloud Speech API,
Cloud Natural Language API,
Cloud Translation API and Cloud Video API.

This APIs access pre-trained machine learning models with a single API call. In this video, Sara Robinson shares an overview of each API. Then she dives into code with a live demo.

Ever wondered about the technology behind Google Photos? Or wanted to build a voice recognition app with similar functionality to “Ok, Google”? The Google Cloud Vision and Speech APIs expose the machine learning models that power Google Photos, Google Image Search and speech recognition in Android. Developers can now access these features with just a simple REST API call. We’ll learn how to make requests to the Vision and Speech APIs through a live demo of a Node app that uses these machine learning APIs.

Sara Robinson is a Developer Advocate on Google’s Cloud Platform team, where she helps with developer relations through online content, outreach, and events. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Studies from Brandeis University. When she’s not programming, she can be found running, listening to country music, or finding the best ice cream in SF.

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