An investor’s guide to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been pegged as one of the most important investment themes of our time. Artificial Intelligence is not new, however, it’s applications are not widely understood by many people.

In this exclusive panel session Lachlan McGregor from Alphinity Investment Management sits down with Andrew Charlton from AlphaBeta and Niki Scevak from BlackBird Ventures to discuss the applications of artificial intelligence and some of the companies at the forefront of this technology.

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“Artificial Intelligence is letting computers spot patterns in information or interpreting images and videos like a human would classify objects and so on. AI is where a computer can process images and videos like it processes texts are today.” Niki Scevak

“Artificial Intelligence is machines thinking in the way that humans do. Machines going from doing computation or calculation to problem solving and even learning that’s the essence of artificial intelligence.” Andrew Charlton

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