Introduction to Deep Learning with Python

Deep Learning with Python’s Theano Library for Tufts University Data Science Club 

Alec Radford, Head of Research at indico Data Solutions, speaking on deep learning with Python and the Theano library. The emphasis of the talk is on high-performance computing, natural language processing using recurrent neural nets, and large scale learning with GPUs.

Deep learning is the most interesting and powerful machine learning technique right now. Because they learn the best way to represent the problem while learning how to solve the problem.

Deep learning models are being used for very difficult problems and making progress, like colorizing images and videos based on the context in the scene.

Deep learning models are being used in bold new ways, such as cutting the head off a network trained on one problem and tuning it for a completely different problem and getting impressive results.

Combinations of deep learning models are being used to both identify objects in photographs and then generate textual descriptions of those objects, a complex multi-media problem that was previously thought to require large artificial intelligence systems.


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