“I do not want to die — no; I neither want to die nor do I want to want to die; I want to live forever and ever and ever. ”

“I do not want to die — no; I neither want to die nor do I want to want to die; I want to live forever and ever and ever. ”

This quote belongs to Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo, Spanish essayist, novelist, poet, playwright and philosopher, professor of Greek and Classics, and later rector at the University of Salamanca. It was written in his “The Tragic Sense of Life” (1913).

This is sign of desire of living forever of human being. In this world, we have desire to live forever, our dreams and our mind don’t fit the boundaries of the universe. This short life in this world doesn’t meet our limitless needs and desires. We desire eternal life. As we grow older, we begin to realize the meaning of life and wish eternal life more.


Throughout history, mankind has endeavored to be immortal. Mummification in Egyptians was one of them. Later Cryonics procedures (the low-temperature preservation (usually at -196°C) of people who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine, with the hope that resuscitation and restoration to full health may be possible in the far future), Mind-Uploading, Nanotech Cellular Repairs, Cloned Parts (or a Whole New Body) etc. So far there has been good progress on these studies. Yet, we need to wait till 2029 to see the results of these studies.


Ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief futurist and one of the biggest believers in The Singularity claims that we could start living forever by 2029.

“By the 2030s we will have nanobots that can go into a brain non-invasively through the capillaries, connect to our neocortex and basically connect it to a synthetic neocortex that works the same way in the cloud. So we’ll have an additional neocortex, just like we developed an additional neocortex 2 million years ago, and we’ll use it just as we used the frontal cortex: to add additional levels of abstraction. We’ll create more profound forms of communication than we’re familiar with today, more profound music and funnier jokes. We’ll be funnier. We’ll be sexier. We’ll be more adept at expressing loving sentiments” said Kurzweil in an interview with Playboy.. “I believe we will reach a point around 2029 when medical technologies will add one additional year every year to your life expectancy.”

At age of 68, Kurzweil thinks his diet can help him live forever. In order to arrive 2030 safe and sound and in a healthy state, he takes 100 pills a day and spends “a few thousand dollars per day” on these pills and eating right.


According to a Financial Times report from last year, Kurzweil’s breakfast includes: Berries (85 calories for a cup), Dark chocolate infused with espresso (170 calories for an ounce), Smoked salmon and mackerel (100 calories for a 3-ounce serving), Vanilla soy milk (100 calories for a cup) Stevia (zero calories), Porridge (150 to 350 calories for half a cup, depending on ingredients and cooking method), and Green tea (zero calories).

By Müslüm YILDIZ

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