How AI Develops A Mind of Its Own and What It Means

Michal Kosinski, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour, argued that the dark side of Artificial Intelligence could mean the end of privacy for all.

The “Robot” Already in Your Life

“One interesting aspect of what’s happening now is they increase the use of artificial artificial intelligence both in the scientific study but also in platforms like Facebook, Google, Google Maps and so on so people often do not realize that the newsfeed that they’re seeing is basically an AI (artificial intelligence) that is just working hard to keep them engaged as much as possible right so way in a way by interacting with Facebook.”

“They’re interacting with artificial intelligence which is an interesting thought because very often people would ask me -Hey so when am I going to start interacting with robots?  You’re interacting with robots for quite some time already you just don’t realize that right at what you see on Facebook is basically a product of an artificial intelligence trying to make you happy and make you engaged and now this has far-reaching consequences.”

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