The Effects of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Systems on Librarianship

With Industry 4.0, smart robots will be involved in all areas of our lives, and systems using technology control instead of work force will dominate.

In this way, there will be a more qualified workforce with a high level of education, rather than workers with low-skilled jobs. According to recent studies, librarianship has been identified as one of the professions that could disappear in the near future due to this rapidly advancing technology.
In this study, the possible effects of artificial intelligence and robotic systems on the profession of librarianship/information and document management were evaluated considering the findings of research conducted at Oxford University in 2017 and it was emphasized that in the near future, the only way to continue in this profession would be to keep the professional knowledge up to date as well as to follow the technological developments in areas such as computers, communication, and the internet.
Müslüm YILDIZ and Banu Fulya YILDIRIM
Source: Turkish Librarianship Volume 32 Issue 1 March 2018

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