Chatty Robot Removed from Stage after Interrupting Turkish Minister’s Speech

Modern-day robots can do many things. They can even talk. However, those of them who talk too much may have to pay a price for being too talkative, which is exactly what happened to a robot in Turkey. (

A robot which was made in China was reprogrammed after it repeatedly interrupted the country’s Minister of Communications Ahmet Arslan during his speech. The robot, named “Sanbot,” was the presenter for an event in Ankara to mark Safer Internet Day and was programmed to welcome guests on stage.  

The machine interrupted the minister’s speech multiple times, urging him to speak slowly.

“Speak slowly, I do not understand what you said. What are you talking about?” Sanbot interrupted Minister’s words several times.

Minister found himself in the unusual position of being heckled by a robot and tried to laugh it off but then asked for robot to be brought under control:

​“Dear friends, it is clear someone should get the robot under control. Please, do what is necessary,” 

The robot was then muted on the stage during the minister’s speech.

Following the speech, the robot was formatted, officials said.

Robot apologised to Minister

After a few days, Kanal D News found Sanbot and interviewed with it. In response to the question “Why did you interrupt the minister?”, Sanbot said, “It was a mistake, I am very sorry”. 

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