Artificial Intelligence will kill us: Jay Tuck

“Artificial intelligence is smarter than you are.. In fact a lot of people who work in artificial intelligence believe that artificial intelligence is thousand times smarter than we are. It will be moving at speeds that are a hundred thousand times as fast as we think and it will be digesting information and data a million times more than we can.

What is artificial intelligence? There are a lot of confused ideas about this outside in the world. But the answer is very simple. It’s one sentence. Artificial intelligence is software that writes itself. It writes its own updates.

We normally tend to think of software is stuff that we created in the we wrote and the machines do what we tell them to do and we own it. This is not any longer truth. It writes itself at speeds that we can hardly comprehend people who write it know that you can take it apart again and figure out what it’s done. It writes independently, autonomously, develops its own way of thinking and there are dangers associated with that.

A lot of people ask when is going to happen when its artificial intelligence going to be smarter than us people. Some people say 50 years, some people say 30 years, some say five years. I say it already has surpassed us in many areas of our society.

Who is Jay Tuck ?
Jay Tuck is an American journalist and television producer based in Hamburg, Germany. As a featured keynote speaker he has appeared with Chambers of Commerce in Hamburg and Dubai, Emirates Economic Forum, Hamburg Ratsherrenrunde, German Association of Women Entrepreneurs and the World Bank.

Tuck also advises broadcasters, foundations, investment bankers and international corporations on media politics, as well as strategies for business in the Middle East.

In regards to Jay Tuck’s early life, he was born in Brooklyn, New York as son of newspaper journalist Jay Nelson Tuck. He attended Wayne High School in New Jersey and studied at Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree.

During his studies he also held jobs as a student economist at the Federal Trade Commission, the US Treasury and as a social worker in Harlem. Tuck began his journalistic career at age twenty as radio reporter for WYSO, the university’s FM station.

As a recognized conscientious objector during the Vietnam War he travelled to Germany, where he served his two-year civilian service in Hamburg.

His German media career began in 1971 as a free-lancer for local TV at Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) in Hamburg, where he interviewed many entertainment personalities, including Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Mick Jagger, Leonard Cohen and Andy Warhol.

During his 35-year-employment with ARD German Television, Tuck worked as investigative reporter, war correspondent in Iraq and Executive Producer of the daily network news magazine ARD-Tagesthemen. In 2001 he founded Airtime Dubai Ltd, an international media company based in United Arab Emirates, where he produces Arabic-language programming for 40 million viewers. As voice talent Tuck can be heard on international commercials and cinema trailers.

In addition to his impressive resume Jay Tuck is also the author of several books that were published between 1985-1987. Titles include “High-Tech Espionage” – a non-fiction book on Soviet espionage, “The T Directorate”, “The Computer War” and many more.

Furthermore as a keen long distance runner, Tuck became the first American to run the Siberian Ice Marathon in 2000, and has also participated the following two years. (

5 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence will kill us: Jay Tuck

  1. What’s with all the fear-mongering articles? AI is nothing but statistics. You have the same chances of being killed by tensorflow than being killed by a large excel spreadsheet.

    1. you are right but some famous guys like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are afraid too much though they are dealing with AI.

  2. Depends on the measuring cup used for counts.
    As memory for knowledge, already.
    As reliability, already.
    As faster with algorithms, done.

    As a being, aware of self, not until understanding of connectome involvement and emulation.

  3. Much of what Jay is referring to is the use of AI by the military. This would seem to be inevitable. Whoever is the first to develop fully autonomous (i.e., independent of human control), lethal and advanced military forms of AI and robotics is going to dominate all battle scenarios. It is going to become futile to wage war against AI, and against a military power with the most advanced AI and military robotics. Current drone attacks would seem to be now based upon mobile phone, landline and Internet traffic, which is picked up by Echelon type AI systems and then relayed to human operators, without any form of ground intelligence from human sources.

    Currently, according to media reports, the British overseas military intelligence service, MI6, employs mostly females, and MI6 recruitment adverts indicate that probably the most common purpose of an MI6 employee is that of a translator. Thus we have an army of non-combatant translators merely passing on information to the military. Thus placing James Bond-type spies on the ground in foreign nations has been replaced with Echelon type observation. In the war between the modern human being and the religious fanatic, the religious fanatic has no hope of success; however, a current problem would seem to me, to be that the world’s most advanced military power (i.e., America) is a nation and government dominated by religious fanatics in control of AI.

    Currently, we have a mob-connected, casino-owning gangster capitalist, who is surrounded by billionaire gangster capitalists and religious fanatics, who are allied with the world’s major promoter of Islamic jihad, Saudi Arabia. So we have gangster Capitalists and Abrahamic religious savages in control of military AI.

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