Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms: Advantages and Disadvantages

Progress in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is leading to fundamental changes in our lifestyle. Algorithms can already detect Parkinson’s disease and cancer and control cars and planes. How will Artificial Intelligence change our society in the future?

This documentary talks about the hot spots of artificial intelligence research in Europe, America, and China and focuses on the innovative developments that are taking place. The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence offers many opportunities, but it also poses many dangers. Making audio and video recordings using Artificial Intelligence complicates the distinction between facts and fiction. This makes the working world more efficient and eliminates many jobs.

The algorithm can determine whether to provide a loan, who is the insurance risk and how good the employee is. But there is a big problem. People no longer understand how algorithms make their decisions. Another important issue is the widespread AI monitoring capabilities. The city of Rongcheng of China already uses the “social credit system” supported by Artificial Intelligence to monitor and evaluate citizens. Does Artificial Intelligence pose a threat to our personal freedom and democracy? What solution can be left to the algorithm? What is the social meaning of Artificial Intelligence?


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